MI40X 2.0 by Ben Palkulski Review

My MI40X review will discuss everything you should bear in mind before making the final decision. Find out here BEFORE you make the investment in the workout program!


Product Name: MI40X

Launch Date: 2015

Creator: Ben Palkulski

Goals: Build muscles fast without putting on fat

Includes: An 18-week Weight Training, Nutrition Guide, CEP and more… delivered in PDF and video formats.

Price: Discounted price $67 (Originally $97)

Return Policy: 60-Day money back guarantee

The Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED!



If you’re the type that likes to do research, this review below is for you. Let’s dive in!

What is Mi40X about?

mi40x ben pakulski

MI40X is a successor of MI40, which stands for Mass Intentions 40. 40 refers the length of one cycle of the program, which is 40 days. X stands for Extreme. MI40X is today’s most talked-about muscle building, workout, and nutrition program. It aims to take Mass Intention into a new level called Cell Expansion Protocol (CEP) – the key for the remarkable increase in muscle mass as quickly as humanly possible. Read more about Mi40 vs Mi40X here.

The methods are scientifically proven and tested by a “guinea pigs” group of ten 20-30 y/o males who obtained superior results in muscle mass, strengths, and fat tissue reduction. Ben documented results in documentation.

Ben Pakulski is the creator of MI40X, which is the next level, a Xtreme version of the popular MI40X. Ben graduated with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and biomechanics from the University of Western Ontario. He is a certified bodybuilder by Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) with several wins and highly respected in the international bodybuilding community. Ben is legit as far as qualification goes.

What’s Inside MI40X

mi40x-reviewThere is no doubt MI40X is demanding and requires your full effort, discipline, and commitment. This means its execution must be dedicated and meticulous – 6-day-a-week workouts and a rest day schedule.

The blueprint includes multimedia format: PDF manuals and video libraries. Each video consists of an hour workout session utilizing up to eight different techniques.

The training is broken down into stages up to 18 weeks. You can adjust the workouts to fit your fitness levels.

Here is a full breakdown of the PDF manuals.

  • The 7 Day Primer Phase

An introductory video from Ben, which is designed to be a warm-up to get your body ready for the upcoming weeks. Ben offers tips to get your brain and body aligned to get the most out of the training.

  • The 7 Day Detox Diet

You will use the 7 Day Detox Diet alongside with the 7 Day Primer Phase. The purpose of this phase is to get your digestive system prepared to utilize the nutrients. A few specific benefits were mentioned in the video such as the elimination of toxins which will help with optimal cell function, enhancing protein synthesis and an increase in energy level.

  • CEP Training Blueprint

After countless hours of going over different studies and putting theory into practice by Ben himself, Cell Expansion Protocol was born. The CEP training blueprint is based on four main principles: 1) Cell Swelling; 2) Time Under Tension (TUT); 3) Instra-set Stretching; and 4) Blood Flow Restriction. Ben dives deep into the science of muscle building and how it is incorporated into the program.

  • The Exercise Execution Guide

It is important to workout with proper techniques. This guide is broken down into eight sections: shoulders, chest, back, biceps, triceps, legs, calves, and abs. Each section is further broken down into specific movements. Through proper contraction, you will get the most from each movement.

  • Workout Sheets

The workout sheets are divided into three sections based on your training experience (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Each is split into six phases over five weeks. If you ask me, the workout sheets are the bread and butter of MI40X. They are incredibly easy to use on a daily basis. Here is a screenshot of a workout for the intermediate.


  • The Nutrition Guide

The guide focuses on two factors: nutrient variation and carbohydrate intake. Your meals should correspond to your workout goals. Ben goes into details about what to eat during the five-week period.

  • Supplement Guide

A 21-page supplement guide provides details about what the supplement is, how it helps you achieve your goals and how much you should take. As you may already know, the supplement is vital for professional bodybuilders.

  • Calorie Intake Calculators

The calculators are meant to use in conjunction with the nutrition guide. There are four different calculators based on body fat and gender. The diet calculators consist of seven phrases to match the workouts.

  • FAQ Guide

There are about ten most commonly asked questions here. For examples: What supplements should I take if I’m on a tight budget, and what if I train late at night? Ben gives you his detailed answers and advice.

MI40X’s Video Libraries include:


  • The CEP Training

Ben Pakusky explains and demonstrates all the CEP based exercises for each muscle, for all levels of fitness. You can then customize the workouts to fit your needs and restrictions.

  • The MI40X Total Training

The total training contains ALL of the remaining exercises to complete your regular workout routines. Ben advises not to apply the CEP technique for the wrong routines as it can produce mediocre results at best and a disaster at worst.


  • The Essentials of Exercise

A collection of six videos explaining six training principles to keep in mind whenever you train at the gym.

  • Hardcore Abs Training

An ebook about the fundamental of superior ab workouts. Ben discusses his techniques in-depth to explain how to engage, hold, and squeeze your abs, which are the key to developing a shredded midsection.

  • Xtreme Suspension Revolution

A collection of six tutorial videos on core training. You will learn the best exercise techniques such as oblique crunches, supine jack knife crunches, side plank crunches, and stability ball training.

  • The Science of CEP with Dr. Wilson

Dr. Wilson and Ben talks about what the development of the Cell Expansion Protocol and the reasons why it is a superior method.

When you signed up, you will be directed to Ben Pakulski’s welcome video called The Rapid Start Action Plan. It is an intro 5-min video guide to how to get the most out of the program and how to avoid injuries and mediocre results. Do not skip that.


What We Liked and Not Liked:

What We Liked:

  • It saves time. The CEP takes only four minutes to implement at the end of each set: extending the TUT, stressing the muscles to the limit in the shortest possible time.
  • It is effective for building muscle fast. The CEP blasts mass growth to the maximum. There are thousands of testimonials to support the program effectiveness. The creator himself USES it as well, along with his buddy Vince DelMonte.
  • It is backed by scientific studies. Ben produces results for himself as well as his clients. He claims that his techniques were 200% more efficient than traditional training methods. A random group of people was tested at the University of Toronto.
  • It suits men and women, young or old. The full techniques are advanced, but Ben carefully describes and demonstrates beginner and intermediate variations in the videos.
  • MI40X is practical. You will learn not only the theory but also the easy-to-follow and hands-on videos and images in the execution manual.
  • Ben knows how to engage and motivate. As I mentioned, Ben is not only a highly regarded top bodybuilding IFBB pro, but he is also a motivational trainer.
  • It is easy to follow, no guess work needed. Ben provides a clear blueprint to get the fascinating results. You should follow the manuals and videos to the letter.
  • It is cost effective. MI40X is well worth the investment.
  • Results are guaranteed, or it is FREE. Paul makes SURE you get results, or it is free. You have a full 60 days to see the full product before deciding one way or another.

What We Did Not Like:

  • It requires a strict discipline. I suppose this can be a pro for some, but the program is not for those who has a shiny object syndrome. To make it work, you will need a strict discipline and schedule of the workout cycles and routines to fit into your lifestyle.
  • It takes time. It is likely that you will have to prime your body for at least a week to prepare for the unusually demanding workouts ahead.
  • It can be too demanding. By now, you should know MI40X is no joke. This makes the program too tough for some, but enjoyable for others. But I think you can be the judge of that.

The Bottom Line:

The truth is building quality muscle takes hard work, time and dedication. MI40X (Xtreme) 2.0 is probably one of the best programs in the market if you are looking at muscle growth. It is an ultimate training program that promises maximal muscle gain and the fastest possible with a revolutionary CEP that increases TUT up to 4 min at the end of each set.

It promises you a top physical form through muscle gaining and fat burning in less time. It says true to the promise if you have a sincere commitment to break through the ‘comfort zone’ of regular straight set workouts.

If you have a basic foundation in bodybuilding or weight training, this program is for you. You will immensely benefit from above-average muscle gain and fat loss.